Women in Sports and Events (WISE)...and Personal Branding

WISE This week, I had the opportunity to join the Women in Sports and Events (WISE) organization for a discussion on personal branding and professional development. I was impressed by the group not only because of the diversity of backgrounds, interests and organizations represented, but because the group was so completely open to the ideas I shared around personal branding. The group asked excellent questions and really took the time to understand and engage. I really enjoyed the discussion and appreciated the opportunity to learn about this great organization!

A little about WISE: The vision of WISE is to connect emerging and established women leaders, to promote one another in career growth and continue to change the face of the industry. The organization focuses on providing valuable career resources and growth tools to its members, connecting members to influential leaders through programs and events, tracking and reporting trends that impact its members, and celebrating the accomplishments of industry leaders

Couple of key points that I covered during the session on personal branding:

  • First impressions can make or break and at times, we can be mistaken when we make decisions on first impressions
  • 55% of first impressions are based on visual image; 38% on presentation, voice and other personal characteristics
  • A personal brand encompasses who you are and what's inside and how that translates to everyday actions, behaviors and decisions
  • The equity or value of your personal brand increases or decreases over time based on actions taken and decisions made in both personal and professional situations