The Top Ten Things I Learned From Sir Richard Branson (by Gail Goodwin)

Gail GoodwinLast week, I crossed paths with Gail Goodwin in responding to a request for thoughts and ideas on inspiration.  In our communications, she shared with me the output from an interview she conducted with Richard Branson - it is a great read on life advice! 

He is someone that is truly making a positive impact in this world.  He has overcome adversity and continues to challenge society's thinking in positive ways.

He outlined ten key areas of life advice in the interview:

> The Most Important Thing in Life is Family > Life Life as an Adventure and Have Fun! > Always Look for the Best People > Follow Your Heart > Don't Forget the Humor > Saying "YES" is a Lot More Fun than Saying "NO" > Failure is Nothing More Than Another Way to Learn > Go Make a Difference in the World > Dream Big! > Be Humble and Stay Grounded

"A critical thing is not to waste a minute of life.  Throw yourself whole-heartedly into it.  I think that if you can positively have made a difference to other people's lives when you actually end up on your deathbed, you can most likely be at peace with yourself.  Don't waste a minute and try to make a positive difference in as many other people's lives as possible."

This article is a must-read!  Check it out - by Gail Goodwin:  Top Ten Things I Learned From Sir Richard Branson