The Power of Personal Momentum

Have you ever found yourself on a roll? Projects are being approved and moving forward. Demand is strong and customers are appreciative. Your partnerships are evolving. You are recognized for your accomplishments. Career growth seems inevitable versus questionable. Your team is performing well. Your personal life is hitting on all cylinders. You feel and see the wins. Positive events have created positive momentum.

Conversely, have you ever felt like you just couldn’t catch a break? Everyone else seems to be moving forward while you encounter roadblocks. Your career is in neutral or reverse. You’ve taken a hit, and then another and they just somehow start to pile up. Personal loss compounds with frustration at work. Negative events have reversed positive momentum.

As an individual with your own personal brand, there are times when you have positive momentum carrying you through the ups and downs of life – through the challenging situations and through the difficult circumstances. As the owner of your brand, you must ensure that you recognize these moments and understand what drove their evolution; so you can replicate them in the future. At the same time, when you encounter negative events, negative personal situations, challenges at work, or outside influences that generate negative momentum for your brand, you must use these moments as an opportunity for personal growth. Leverage these as an opportunity to recognize them and learn from them; then pursue the next steps based on what you have learned.

When I experience personal wins, personal recognition, and personal accomplishments, I actually increase my efforts to take on and engage in more. I leverage these wins as fuel for making an even bigger difference. Conversely, when it seems like walls are crumbling, relationships are strained, and decisions are not resulting in extraordinary outcomes, I take a step back to reassess and learn.

Personal momentum can be positive or negative. It can be triggered by varying circumstances, events, or relationships. As a leader, it is imperative that you recognize the elements in life that drive positive personal momentum so that you may exploit them fully, while minimizing the impact of negative momentum events.


◙ Build: As a leader, personal momentum may be the ultimate catalyst for your team’s growth and achievement. Recognize it. Embrace it. And leverage it fully as fuel to push the team to raise the bar. Energy from positive momentum is contagious, and personal momentum will translate into positive growth for the team and organization. What are you doing to identify, capture, and build on your personal momentum?

◙ Assess: Leaders make time to step back and assess drivers of personal momentum. It is imperative that you identify what fuels you. What is it that drives positive forward momentum for you as an individual? Is it rewards and recognition? Is it seeing others achieving greatness due to your coaching and mentoring? Is it delivering results? Is it being asked to take on more? Conversely, what drives negative personal momentum in your life? Is it negative words and opinions from peers and colleagues? Is it failing to achieve results? Is it not being recognized and rewarded when others are center stage? Is it personal loss? Or is it a compounding of multiple roadblocks in life?

◙ Persist: Morgan Freeman shared this statement at a recent business event I attended: “The world will walk right past a person sitting down, but will always reach down to help someone struggling to get up.” Simple statement, powerful message. When you make an effort and fail, it is natural that others want to help you recover, move you forward, and find success. When you give up and do not even make an effort, people aren’t as willing to help. Why should you expect others to care when you don’t even care yourself?

Bottom Line:  Personal Momentum Translates Directly Into Organization Momentum