Succeeding in the Workplace

Despite the tough economy, there are still many ways to succeed in the workplace and now is a great time to differentiate yourself in a period of low-risk and conservatism. Several thoughts on winning strategies: BE A PIONEER:  Being a pioneer is much more than striking out into new territory. It is taking risks. It is challenging the way things have always been done. It is avoiding the political swirl that often encompasses large initiatives within major, hierarchical companies. It is stepping out and saying "no" while offering alternative options with the best interests of the business in mind. And, of course, the best interests of our people.  It is putting in the extra effort to take a good result and make it great.

RECRUIT, COACH, MENTOR AND RETAIN THE BEST TALENT:  Surround yourself with people of high potential. Never be afraid to hire others smarter, more flexible, or more knowledgeable than yourself. Leaders surround themselves with individuals of even greater talent, skill and ability. A good leader is able to provide coaching and direction to talented individuals; allowing others to take credit for accomplishments and results.

NETWORK WITHIN AND OUTSIDE OF YOUR FOUR WALLS:  Relationships inside and outside of your company are key to long-term career success.  It is imperative that you develop relationships within your company and business area and balance those with relationships developed in business networking activities and in the community.  Your network is an enabler to success.