Strategic Portfolio Management

In my career, I have had the opportunity to manage a number of programs and projects.  Here are several key ideas related to portfolio management decisions. 1) Business Sponsorship:  What are the "business" priorities vs. "technology" priorities?  Many initiatives are not adopted or successfully deployed as they are IT-led vs. business-led.  In a tight capital environment, solutions must be developed and deployed to effectively generate business benefit and be "owned" by the business

2) CAPEX / OPEX:  What are the current year / future year(s) CAPEX requirements for individual programs/projects?  How much OPEX is needed to support the solutions (e.g. people, software / hardware support, etc.)?  Is there a defined ROI for the initiative - is it measureable?  How?

3) Business Readiness:  Is the business prepared to change as planned per the program?  What change leadership and communication processes are in place to enable the deployment of new programs?  Business sponsorship must also be considered in this area for without it, projects typically fail.

4) Silo-Avoidance:  The portfolio management concept must be employed across BU's or lines of business to ensure the most effective utilization of available capital.  This is of particular concern for larger businesses that have independent operational business teams, etc.