Sales & Marketing Executive Releases “Extraordinary” Leadership Book


Sales & Marketing Executive Releases "Extraordinary" Leadership Book

November 2012, Atlanta, Ga. - If you are not prepared to make big change, to pursue big change, to encourage big change, or to lead extraordinary change, this book is not for you.  "Be Extraordinary! Crush Mediocrity. Spark Curiosity." is centered on one key concept: Extraordinary Leadership. Written in a conversational style, it is filled with thought-provoking ideas on transforming yourself individually and as a leader within your organization. Discover insight from other voices as Justin leverages his extraordinary network to ask key leaders representing corporate, government, sports, philanthropy, and entertainment: "What defines extraordinary leadership?" Each chapter begins with a shared insight from leaders including Dan Reeves, Tracy Lawrence, Elisabeth Omilami, Jan Smith, Tony Barnhart, and Chan Gailey. Each chapter then presents a Big Idea, followed by a Core Message, and finishes with an outline for Life Application and a strategic Bottom Line. This book is fast-paced and exhilarating - one that you will want to read over and over again as you pursue extraordinary.

In "Be Extraordinary," Justin Honaman's second book on leadership, he charges today's leaders, and the leaders of tomorrow, to think big ... to challenge the process ... to get out of their "routine" ... to engage their creative curiosity. He discusses the power of personal momentum and how that translates into team and organizational value. He outlines clear methods for building and exploiting a powerful personal network. Honaman lays out methods for identifying and developing up-and-coming leaders, and defines methods for embracing and driving positive change. "Be Extraordinary" combines life experience with topical lessons learned from leaders across the industry landscape.

The bottom line is that Honaman believes in the power of positive thinking and a tight focus on investing in others resulting in making a positive difference. These themes are clearly presented in "Be Extraordinary!"

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About The Author: Justin Honaman Justin is the author of two books on leadership: "Be Extraordinary: Crush Mediocrity. Spark Curiosity," and "Make It Happen! Live Out Your Personal Brand." He is also a frequent speaker on all things leadership and development. His passions include singing and songwriting, with two albums - Saturday in the South! and Let Go & Let God - and multiple Pop, Country, and Christian singles to his name. Additionally, Justin is an accomplished sales and marketing executive and a regular blogger. His background includes strategic business and technology leadership in the areas of retail operations, business intelligence, customer relationship management, integrated marketing, and business development. Justin holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Auburn University.