Release of "Make It Happen!"

makeithappenBusiness Strategist Applies Corporate Experience to Self-Help in New Book: 'Make It Happen!' June, 2009 - Many people seek answers to questions of motivation and self-actualization. "Make It Happen!" (published by iUniverse) by Justin Honaman employs lessons learned in his career working with multinational corporations to the individual level in an effort to help others direct their energies and develop their "personal brand."

Honaman explains in the first few chapters of "Make It Happen!" that personal branding is the process whereby people, and by extension their careers, are marketed as brands. It is necessary to note that while previous self-help management techniques were about changing one's habits and interactions, the personal branding theory supposes instead that success comes from self-packaging. In other words, self-actualization is meaningless if the world doesn't know. One must "repackage" themselves in regards to all aspects of their lives.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons that Honaman attempts to impart in "Make It Happen!" is that his book and his methods are not just for corporate "hard hitters." In point of fact he believes that anyone from community leaders to corporate managers and executives can employ the ideas and methods contained in "Make It Happen!" to further any and all of their personal goals.

"Think of your personal brand as a bank account. The value of that account increases when you invest in relationships with your family, when you complete a new training program, receive a new degree, or even when you lead a volunteer program for a community organization. It increases when you develop a stronger relationship with God. It increases when you spend time learning from your parents, siblings and extended family. It increases when you commit time and/or money to philanthropic programs. And most importantly, it increases when you gain a better understanding of your personal values, ethics, morals and beliefs - your authentic self - and live them out in your everyday personal and professional interactions."

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