Pursue a Passion in Life...Why Not!?!

I just left a tracking session at a small studio in Nashville. And I am SO excited! I love investing time in things that truly bring me joy and result in lasting impact. I regularly have the opportunity to speak to groups on various subjects including leadership, personal branding, life balance and one of my favorite subjects, pursuing a passion in life. Inevitably, after my presentation, I have a handful of individuals stop by to tell me that "...they have always thought about doing "xyz" but never taken the steps to do it. Never found the time. Never did the homework to figure it out. Never leveraged their network to just do it. Never took a risk."

I wrote my first song when I was 32 years old - way "over the hill" by some music industry standards. AND, I will never forget the impact of that first song. It is called "Shadow of the Blade." I wrote the lyrics and melody and went into a small studio in Atlanta to have a drum and guitar part added. When I played it for my dad - who served in Vietnam - he broke down in tears. Emotional impact...from something I wrote. I was shocked - and interested, excited.

One of the next songs I wrote was "Saturday in the South." My goal was to write a fast-moving, fun, crazy, up-beat, wordy ode to college football. I actually wrote the majority of the song sitting at Georgia Tech football tailgate parties!  I included the song on my first album and was absolutely blown away when my "idea" was put with "big band" and produced. WOW. I will never forget the feeling when I had that one song finished and in my hands. Idea to production to finished product. And people loved it!

Now four years later, I connected with a true leader in the Nashville music space and he suggested we take Saturday in the South and modify it, add to it and generally clean it up. We tracked the new version at a demo session in Nashville tonight and the result is...well...you can judge for yourself once I have the mix! I can't wait to share it!

The bottom line: Pursue your life passions so you do not have regrets for lost opportunities. Or miss out on "joy" in life!!

As the woman sitting next to me in 8B reminded me, "You never know what might just happen in life if you are willing to be open to the possibilities. Either way, enjoy the ride." I agree.