Personal Branding and Your Career

As a brand expert, I have applied many of the business branding concepts to "personal branding" and found that they are uniquely correlated.  I have a number of thoughts on reinventing yourself and business building and one key way of doing so, is to define, understand and leverage your "personal brand". Couple of key thoughts:

1) Believe in Your Brand: Don't Be Switzerland!  Define your strategies, goals and objectives and define mechanisms by which your core "personal brand" tenets can be applied in the career marketplace.  You must be clear in your role and objectives.  Understand your strengths and developmental opportunities.  Leverage the core tenets of your brand in the pursuit of the next career and/or personal development opportunity.

2) Reset Regularly: Starting over is never easy.  Sometimes it is necessary and not always by choice.  All of us, at some point in our lives, are forced to make difficult decisions that involve a "re-start" or demolition of some practice and starting anew.  At times, and especially in this market, we are forced to "reset" our career plans.  With a positive attitude, a "reset" can turn into something very constructive and fulfilling.

3) Be a Pioneer: Venture into "unknown or unclaimed territory"; be open to new thoughts, research or development ideas; engage your consumers / customers in the development process; lead the way and identify ways to manifest a culture of trust within your organization