LGLG: "All Things" - Song Background

It has often been said that the journey is as much fun as the destination!!  Sometimes the journey is more rewarding.  This has absolutely been my experience in working on my new album - Let Go & Let God.  There are multiple phases to the recording process and the version of All Things that you hear on the web site today is a mix of the band, overdubs and my lead vocal - a ruff mix.  The next and final steps in the production process are adding background vocals and mixing the song.  I absolutely love the track as it plays today, and yet recognize that the addition of the background vocal "layer" will take the track to the next level! So, what's the story behind this song?!  I went to see the movie The Blind Side earlier this year and the phrase "With God, All Things Are Possible" was highlighted in the movie in the school scenes.  The phrase struck me and I made a note of the phrase in my Blackberry during the movie.  Later that night and the next day, I decided to write a song around it and found a great balance between faith and relationships in the lyrics.  This was the last song I wrote for this album - and ended up being one of my favorites!

I enjoy writing and creating interesting music / lyric "hooks" in songs and this one absolutely has several hooks.  I included the "record scratch," a key change late in the song and there are a number of fun instruments on the track including a toy piano!!  FUN!

The song is a relationship song about finding the right individual after living through others that did not work out - and through patience in faith.  I planned to include a "love" song on the album and this one fit the bill perfectly.  With God, all things are possible.  How true is that message?!  I believe it and found it to be a perfect message for this song!  ENJOY!!