"Let Go and Let God" Featured in LifeSpring Media Podcast

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About: Podcasting's Original Christian All-Podcast Podcast. Since November 13, 2004. Here, there's music, conversation, and reasons to believe. "Lifespring!" is a weekly show produced since November 2004, by southern Californian, Steve Webb, with global appeal for its positive spiritual message and original format, which includes music from independent artists, personal insights and recollections as well as compelling interviews. Show host Steve Webb is widely regarded as an early influencer in podcasting production, creating cutting-edge productions that surprise and captivate the first-time listener. "As a pioneer in religious podcasts, Steve has created a benchmark for those creating inspirational entertainment -- his show is so positive, personal and insightful that you forget any preconceptions that you had before listening," said Adam Curry, PodShow Co-Founder and President. "Steve's ability to mix serious spiritual questions with music and daily musings makes 'Lifespring!' unique -- it makes Steve stand out amongst his peers in podcasting."