Leadership Insights / Bottom Lines From #DRIVE10

Ignition!!Here are a few of my key thoughts / big ideas / bottom lines from #DRIVE10. Enjoy! TEAMS THAT WORK > Systems are critical to managing time, financials, schedule...no investment = tension, no margin, in crisis mode > Team can very easily take on the characteristics of the point leader - for better or worse > Is your organization culture and leadership team culture so good that it is worth exporting to your customers? > When you see leaders that have the ability to be influential, pou into them / leverage them / invest in them > Momentum gets jammed; great leaders attract great leaders > The speed of the leader determines the speed of the group; if leader is an 8, will attract 6's and 7's > Growth of organizations directly dependent on quality of leaders > Nurture The Leader - Coached leaders go further, faster > Organizational leadership must have an organizational rhythm of reviewing and critiquing environments > Neglect culture/environment => environment becomes boring, mission/vision rejected, lose employee engagement > Must think like those that are not in your day-to-day environment; enables cultural decision-making > Refine the Environment -> build a connection; think like an outsider > The longer something is neglected, the greater the damage and harder it is to fix > 5 critical responsibilities of Teams: Environment, Leaders, Team, Crowd, System > Every team needs a goal > The longer something is neglected, the greater the damage and the harder it is to fix

CULTURES WHERE LEADERS THRIVE > Talent+skills+knowledge=STRENGTH; intersection with PASSION => Organization VALUE > Book on culture from zappos.com http://www.zapposinsights.com/main/culture-book/ > Chick-Fil-A => 97% retention rate. WOW. > zappos.com => "Use a crossword puzzle on new hire application"...interesting! > We love our work when we are released to try, experiment and lead in our own way > Movements are better than programs...start small and grow vs. mandating > (Quality of an Idea) x (Acceptance of Idea) = (Effectiveness of Idea) > zappos.com => free lunch, 100% insurance coverage, 40% discount on shoes, nap rooms...wow. > The Bottom Line is PEOPLE; not the work but the people that are priority > Great leaders need high support and high challenge > zappos.com => 75% repeat customer business...hmmm...sounds like good advice to invest in customer service! > zappos.com => Looking to personally and emotionally connecting with customers > zappos.com => there is a difference between motivation and inspiration "Inspiration comes from within" > zappos.com => Invest money that would have been spent on marketing and spend on customer service > zappos.com => do not discount / coupon as it teaches customers to only buy when on ad / coupon > zappos.com => Looking for those individuals that can be passionate about customer service > zappos.com => "It's all about creating a culture of employee happiness!" > zappos.com => "The Whole Idea is to WOW Customers!" - love that as a differentiator > Service is the antidote to selfishness > If I help enough other people get what they want, I will eventually get what I want > There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit > #1 challenge of a leader is to overcome one's selfishness > Every leader that has failed, has not failed in leading others but has failed to lead themselves > If we don't do our part as leaders, lives will go un-changed...priorities

ENGAGING VOLUNTEER LEADERS > We are ultimately attracted to leaders and organizations of integrity > We are helplessly attracted to things that are fun; where there is NO fun, there is NO ONE > Must connect volunteer leaders time/effort/energy to that thing of value that they receive in return > Must define "what's in it for me" for volunteers; must be worth time, effort and energy to serve > Volunteer leaders are not there for YOU (the staff leaders), they are there WITH you > "Dynamic Leaders" are attracted to "Dynamic Communities" > Celebrating wins refocuses volunteers, refuels, renews the vision, reenergizes the team...and adds "fun!" > We are increasingly attracted to things that are celebrated; perceived as more valuable; WHAT IS CELEBRATED IS REPEATED > Must define your standard of excellence; what creates the wow factor; what environments enable service? > The best volunteers turn in their day-job-titles to serve others > When teams are successful or winning, people will do whatever is needed to be on the team > We are naturally attracted to EXCELLENCE; nobody wants to be a part of something mediocre > Vision should include solution to problem that can not go unsolved; compelling reason solution will work > We are initially attracted to visual appeal - engage by painting picture of what could be and should be

COMMUNICATING FOR A CHANGE To communicate for change... > Feedback, coaching, engaging others in outline planning process and preparation = key to success > Pick a point - define the "Big Idea", define what you want listener to do, define why us / why now > Engage the audience - define a "need" / emotional reference point / burning platform / question being asked > Big Idea -> Memory Verse / Facts -> Story -> Bottom Line > Plan-Prepare-Outline-Calendar, leverage a team to create content, persistence-practice-feedback