Creative Ideation

sheraton I am frequently asked about my process for developing creative concepts. Where do I find hooks to songs? Where do I find clever catch phrases? Where do I find new leadership ideas?

The answer is...there is not one answer! I developed the hook for "Always Be There" while exercising at a Sheraton hotel in NYC. I wrote "Saturday in the South" over several tailgate parties at Georgia Tech football games. I chose "Make It Happen" as the title of my first book as it was a phrase I was hearing A-L-L the time around the office. If you look around many home-goods-type stores you will inevitably find signs with the phrase "Let Go and Let God" and hence the title / big idea for the song. I wrote a song called "Yo Eleven" while in Las Vegas and it summarizes the fun-factor prevalent of the Vegas strip!. "God's Plan" is a play on phrases I regularly hear from people asking what "God's plan is for your life." "Empty I Love Yous" is a summation of real-life experiences in going through a break-up. And many of the concepts outlined in my newest book "Be Extraordinary" originated in meetings, working sessions, events, and interactions at work and in the community.

My best ideas originate early morning while exercising or late night at the end of the day. Creative concepts are everywhere. The key is identifying them, writing them down, and finding a place to plug them into your creative thought process!