Book Review: Communicating For A Change (by Andy Stanley)

Communicating For A Change The "H" Rating:  4.8/5.0

Released in 2006, this book by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones clearly outlines a simple, yet effective approach for communicating. The book provides a framework for those in ministry to consider when planning and executing sermon messages that answer the questions: What do you want your audience to know? And what do you want them to do? While I am not in ministry, I found the techniques valuable in that I have been able to utilize the structured approach for communicating content in the business workplace - in presentations, workshops and at events.

Here are my key takeaways.

  • The Map: ME - WE - GOD - YOU - WE ME (Orientation) - WE (Identification) - GOD (Illumination) - YOU (Application) - WE (Inspiration)
  • Me:  The audience needs to buy into your message; a lack of genuineness makes it tough to trust a speaker; utilize personal experiences to connect
  • We:  Sparking emotion from a broad perspective; widening the scope
  • God:  Bible text
  • You:  "So what? Now what?"
  • We:  Vision casting

Translating the Concept to Business: From a business standpoint, I have found that like in ministry, your goal is to connect with the audience so that they understand your message and apply key principles. While Bible text may not be appropriate for many business situations, I have found that you can utilize facts and figures in this part of the map to provide support for key principles you are asking your audience to apply.