Be Extraordinary! Setting Up The Book.

BeXIt's been five weeks since "Be Extraordinary!" officially launched. It has been received by hundreds of individuals through presentations and workshops and the key messages and bottom lines seem to be resonating based on the emails, calls and notes I have received. I am frequently asked, "Why did you write this book?" Or what was the fuel behind the big ideas, messages, and bottom lines in the book?

I released my first book on personal branding three years ago and immediately started crafting what would become "Be Extraordinary!" based on the input, ideas and feedback I received from speaking, presenting and working with groups around the world. The underlying problem I am looking to help solve with this book is what has become apparent to me in our society today:  A gap in leadership. A gap in leaders developing leaders. An unprecedented acceptance of mediocrity.

I want to do something about it - and if I can impact one individual, a handful of individuals, or even a large number of people, this book will have served its purpose.

The Problem:

There is an unprecedented leadership gap - or opening for those that are opportunistic - in our society today. I have not done enough research to state clearly what the drivers are of this gap but most certainly some of it stems from a plethora of factors. The leadership gap is evident from our political system, to our education system, to our role models in business and sports. There is an:

- Unprecedented gap in up-and-coming leadership (our future leaders)

- Unprecedented gap in role models and leaders making wise choices (today's leaders)

- Unprecedented "acceptance" of mediocrity setting in across our society

I will further explore the drivers behind the leadership gap in future blog posts but to complete the play on this one, the book is meant to be a solution, or provide insights and advice, to those who have an interest in making a positive difference. More specifically to:

- Challenge existing leaders to step up, to pursue the next level of leadership, to not accept mediocrity or "the way it has always been done" as a means to move forward

- Challenge those with a natural passion, poise and ability to serve, to lead, to guide, to coach, to own their career, to raise their hand when it's not easy. To own their own brand investment

- Challenge those that are natural coaches and mentors to give back. To invest. To find time and make time to impact another individual.

Now is the time as there is an unprecedented opportunity to separate yourself from the "mediocrity pack" and to demonstrate extraordinary leadership. "Be Extraordinary" provides actionable ideas to consider in making a difference at work, at home, in the community, and in your personal life.