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The things most people dislike about their job are what Justin Honaman likes the most:  hard work, changing priorities, new initiatives, developing a team and lots of balls in the air.  This up-tempo pace enables Justin to do what he loves most in the work environment-make an impact.

Justin started his business career at NASA in a co-op assignment with the Space Shuttle Operations team while attending Georgia Tech.  This experience propelled Justin into the Management Consulting space after graduating from Georgia Tech as a business process improvement consultant with Ernst & Young, LLP.  During his seven year stint in the management consulting space, Justin delivered consulting services in the areas of supply chain efficiency, integrated marketing and business intelligence.

Today, Justin is the Director of Customer Intelligence at Coca-Cola Customer Business Solutions (CBS).  Under his leadership, a total customer business intelligence solution for North America was implemented to support the Coca-Cola North America business organization.  Actionable data is captured daily and meaningful insights are presented through analytic tools and dashboards to more than 1,100 users.  Customers can interact with an account team within Coca-Cola who have a "single view" of the business with that customer.  Business decisions are made through actionable insights enabled by solutions delivered by CBS.

While delivering value-added business solutions to his internal customers is priority #1, helping people within the organization to reach their full professional potential is his passion. Programs and projects come and go, but an individual with talents, has the opportunity to impact the organization in a positive way well beyond the short-term initiative.

Helping People Define and Reach Their Goals Justin developed a career development program at Coke called "JumpStart".  It helps employees define their career goals, identify their personal brand, prepare for interviews, expand their intra and extra-company network, and much more.  Justin says, "While successfully delivering solutions for internal business stakeholders is rewarding and quite frankly required, the real value long-term for our organization is in developing talent for the Coca-Cola System that can propel the organization to the next level.  We want to win "together" and expect to develop future leaders for the organization that are interested in thinking outside the box and making things happen."

Justin's encouragement of others reaches well beyond the workplace.  He serves as a coach and mentor to several other individuals outside of the Coke organization.  Over breakfast one morning a colleague shared that for the last eight years he had been thinking about taking up the guitar and writing songs.  Justin did not hesitate to encourage his co-worker to take action, make it happen and pursue his dream - life is short and his perspective is one of "no regrets for lost opportunities."  Two years later, Justin's colleague presented him a 10-song CD with the following written in the liner notes, "Special thanks to Justin Honaman for breakfast and a side order of 'go for it!'"

Impacting Others through Words Justin is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and leads worship for children's ministry at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  It should be noted that he did not start writing songs until he was 32 and proceeds from his music sales go to charity.  He supports Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and the United Services Organization (USO) through his music.  What satisfies Justin most about writing, recording and performing is the impact it has on others.  He says, "It's a blast when you pursue a passion in the spirit of the impact or influence it has on others."

His passion for impacting others does not stop with music.  In 2009 Justin's first book, Make it Happen!  Live out Your Personal Brand was published.  In it he offers personal insights and advice in building a personal brand.  Finally, Justin is a regular blogger on numerous topics ranging from career advice to singing and songwriting at

Keys to Success Deliver results.  Without results there is no funding, no support, no sponsorship, and essentially, no future. Be authentic.  Transparency, along with open and honest communication, results in trust. Positive attitude.  While it's been said many times by many others, it still remains true today - positive attitude changes everything (PACE). Take risks.  Have insights and perspective based on facts and always pursue what's best for the organization and team. Reset regularly.  Life is full of circumstances that bring about "life" resets (e.g. economic changes, divorce, job loss, family change, etc.).  It's important to self-monitor and build-in time to "reset" regularly. Cultivate a network.  Make time to invest in relationships, connect others, and develop connections outside of your normal "circle."

Justin Honaman is the Director of Customer Intelligence with Coca-Cola Customer Business Solutions (CBS).  Atlanta Trend expresses its thanks and deep appreciation to Justin for sharing his thoughts with us!