2012 Retail ROI Insights

Each year at the National Retail Federation (NRF) event, the Retail Orphan's Initiative (ROI) brings together Retail leaders to learn more about ways to help children in need and at the same time, study Retail trends and techniques affecting the industry. The Mission of the Retail Orphan Initiative (RetailROI) is to raise awareness and provide real solutions for the more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide.   

RetailROI has 3 primary goals. 1) Bring Awareness to the enormous needs of orphans worldwide 2) Encourage companies (Retailers, Vendors, Manufacturers) to create programs internally for their companies to help with the need 3) Raise Funds through the following ways to help "feet on the street" charities who are making a real difference

Learn more at www.retailroi.org

Key Insights:

Shopper experiences based on Interactions (salespeople) Stores Heard (social media), Moment of Truth (profound events) #NRF12 via @pwc_llp

It takes 1.6 positive Retail experiences to match a negative; value of investment in "people" leading online and offline interactions #NRF12

All experiences Retail fade over time, however 20% more bad than good experiences linger forever #NRF12 [Burning platform for Retailers]

Experiential Switchers: Up & Coming, Quality Cautious, Value Seeking, Support, Risk Averse - 5 categories of shoppers #NRF12 via @pwc_llp

Hershey leveraging SM to help kids through its foundation - focused on engaging individuals, building fans/followers, opt-in #ROISS #NRF12

Build-a-Bear: "Digital is an important language that we must speak. We dedicate budget to social engagement and listening" #ROISS #NRF12

Fans and Followers are only valuable if you are engaging in conversation, innovation, decisions & leveraging the relationship #ROISS #NRF12

"F-Commerce" - Initially companies bought Likes on FB. Retailers do not know how to leverage the Likes into sales" #ROISS #NRF12

Concept of "CRM Database" takes on all new look-and-feel with the expansion of data and information from social media contact #ROISS #NRF12

Big Challenge for Retailers: BIG DATA via Social and Mobile - investment required in infrastructure / reporting / analytics #ROISS #NRF12

"Netezza, Teradata, Amazon Cloud...all important in data crunching of #bigdata - attitudinal and behavioral metrics = new #BI #ROISS #NRF12

Amazon Web Services/Amazon Cloud increasingly the go-to open source technology in Retail #ROISS #NRF12 [Interesting to discuss around NRF]

Children's Place going beyond typical analytics & business intelligence with social media insights that drive Retail decisions #ROISS #NRF12

"What are the top-10 things you want for your birthday? We must provide products that engage." via Build-A-Bear CIO #ROISS #NRF12

Average kid engagement on line = 17-30 minutes on Build-A-Bear digital virtual world #engagementbeyondthestore #ROISS #NRF12

Children's Place talking campaign management and email marketing - big differentiator is addition of "Lifestyle Clustering" #ROISS #NRF12

Second Bottom Line of the day at #ROISS: Retail Leaders Are Doing More. Giving More. Being More. Beyond the Store. Beyond the Sale. #NRF12

4.03% (2012), 3.93% (2013), 3.54% (2014) - @gartner rate of total U.S. Retail spend projection #ROISS #NRF12

Across the board growth for Retail IT Service Providers and Software providers in 2012; lead by Software Support, Consulting #NRF12 #ROISS

Smallest increase in Retail Sector IT Spend = Internal Company IT Services, Hardware, IT Management #ROISS #NRF12

CRM, Business Intelligence / Analytics rank top of the list of 2012 growth via Gartner #ROISS #NRF12 [Familiar story since early 1990's]

Technology Trigger->Peak of Inflated Expectations->Trough of Disillusionment->Enlightenment->Productivity = Gartner Hype Cycle #ROISS #NRF12

Mobile POS = Enlightenment / Productivity stage of Gartner Hype Cycle; social is solidifying and spreading; F-Commerce growing #ROISS #NRF12

By 2015, the CMO could have a bigger budget than CIO - not necessarily the case in Retail due to growth of social / mobile #NRF12 #ROISS

IT budgets are moving out of the control of IT departments, which means IT must reach out to the business #ROISS #NRF12 #ChangeIsGood